RS 1400
(Dual Xeon/Xeon Nocona & AMD Dual Opteron)
1U Rack Server Chassis                                                                            

Summary: Dependable servers are the critical foundation of any successful e-Business. With 1U form factor, the RS 1400 allows for high-density, rack-optimize........     More Detail


RS 2100i
(Dual Xeon/Xeon Nocona & AMD Dual Opteron)           
2U Rack Server Chassis

Summary: The RS 2100i is a reengineered version of the RS 2100 2U chassis. The new RS 2100i support ATX, AXi & up to 12" X 13" motherboards. RS 2100i meets SS........     More Detail

SR 316
(Dual Xeon/Xeon Nocona & AMD Dual Opteron)
3U 16-bay SR 316 rack mountable storage                                              

Summary: The 3U 16-bay SR 316 rack mountable storage enclosure is designed for storage server system and supports up to sixteen hot-swappable hard disk drive........    More Detail