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SCXI is the high-performance, modular, expandable signal conditioning platform for plug-in data acquisition (DAQ) devices. Signal conditioning is a critical element to your DAQ system. With signal conditioning, your DAQ board can now take physical measurements, such as temperature, pressure, and strain. Signal conditioning can also expand your channel count, increase accuracy, reduce noise, and protect your DAQ system. 

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777966-20   (SCXI-1520,8-Channel Universal Strain/Bridge Module) $ 2,395.00
777687-14   (SCXI-1314, Front Mounting Terminal Block) $ 239.00 
776572-80    (SCXI-1180, Feedthrough Panel)  $ 108.00
777687-02    (SCXI-1302, Feedthrough Terminal Block, Cast)   $ 195.00
776572-21    (SCXI-1121, 4-Channel Isolation Amplifier) $ 1,095.00
777687-21    (SCXI-1321,  Offset-Null and Shunt Calibration Terminal,Cast)   $ 315.00
776570-01    (SCXI-1000 4-Slot Chassis, U.S. 120 VAC) $ 715.00
778465-01    (NI PCI-6036E Low Cost Multifunction I/O for Windows) $ 815.00
776574-491   (SCXI-1349 Shielded Cable, 1 m)  $ 165.00 
 778032-51     (PCI-GPIB, NI-488.2 for Windows 2000/XP/ME/98, 2M X2 Cable) $ 595.00 

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